18 Jul 2018

Patterns in gameplay programming, Command

I’ll be starting a series on design patterns applied to real-life gameplay programming using Unity3D along with sample scene explaining one mechanic, by following Matt, our imaginary gameplay programmer who just joined the studio.

26 May 2018

DevLog of a survival RPG part 1, the 3 C's

Even if my daily work those past months lies in the training / serious VR industry, i’m still a gamer and gamedev at heart, and sometimes i miss high scores, blood splatches and magic explosions particles. Thus, in my free time rather then spending too many hours of my time at Portia, i’m up to the challenge of prototyping a crafing / farming RPG…for mobile.

14 Feb 2018

VR Archery and two handed aiming

Ones of the most common interactions we see in the VR medium are throwing things and shooting at things. And while holding a handgun or a knife might sound straightforward to implement, aiming with a two handed weapon like a sniper rifle or - in our case - a bow, comes with it sets of challenge. With this in mind, i’ve tryed prototyping and here comes my findings.

23 Jan 2018

VR Locomotion tips, 2017 Edition

For a medium that is only 2 years old in the hand of the mainstream customer, we can say that virtual reality’s user interaction and experience is evolving very fast. And more with the introduction of AAA studios in the game like Bethesda. Let’s pick some of 2017 UX ideas and add them to more classic locomotion methods.

08 Jan 2018

Views on Unity C#

Style and naming conventions might vary between every team / company / individual out there and Unity3D’s API use a strange naming convention. So i had to modify mine at most gigs i took to make the code match theirs.

07 Nov 2017

Automating Unity3D Assets Import

Games aren’t always made by a one-man-team but involve several developers, who are people akin to making mistakes,that in turn increase dev cost time. Importing assets is no joke, with the default settings and different rules for different parts of your project, let’s start with this premise and ask ourselves: “can we write tools to prevent common, costly mistakes ?”

11 Sep 2016

Why game audio matters

There is a plentiful of situations where you game development workflow can go wrong, and not run smoothly on your target devices. maybe there are too many draw calls and materials, maybe your polycount is pretty high for the devices, or your game logic turns the CPU to an eggpan. in this article we’ll focus on Audio/Music, a field most solo/indie developers put in their last stages, and why audio matters as much as graphics.